*ahem*  Back to art. 

I was sketching ghosts in December.  None of these took more than 90 minutes, so these ares real quick things.  I think I might redo the first one and I am definitely going to do more.

Ghost 1 died of a gunshot to the head.

Ghost 2 died of old age.

Ghost 3 hung himself.

I’m going to continue these ghosts during my Sunday morning streams.  I started starvation.


So I sort of inadvertently disappeared.  I’m only saying this because I don’t want to seem like a jerk that is ignoring everyone.

I am not doing the least bit well.  Like at all.  I couldn’t even explain it if I tried.  It’s not like I am taking some sort of deliberate break from the internet…I just…can’t communicate in any way that makes sense right now?  Ugh, I can’t explain!  I’m just not working right.  I dunno.

Anyways sorry.  Please don’t think I’m a bitch.

I’ve been trying to keep up my twitter and livestream though.  There are links on my main page if you wanna check those out.

If you send me an ask, I don’t think I’ll be able to send any sort of coherent reply that means much of anything.  :( 


and thank you for following me and stuffs.  :3


Pre order means: It has not been made yet (which is why I don’t have a sample image for you of what it will look like) the best I can do is show you examples of what the black acrylic looks like with other designs!

Time for the charm to get to you: roughly 3 weeks from the date I put in my order! Possibly sooner. I will send you 1 e-mail when I receive the charms and 1 more when I mail them out to you!

If you’ve ordered my charms before: These will NOT look the same. They will still be high quality tho! Please look at sample images for comparison from old to new charms!

Please check images for examples of print quality. Please note that the end result will look different because difference in lighting and monitors come into factor.

*Unibaby will be printed on black acrylic

*The back will have a bail (Bail shown in images)

*You will be sent a necklace chain (size roughly 24 inches but can be made smaller with a pair of scissors) AND you will also be sent a cell phone strap so you can use it however you like! Put it on your DS, bag, purses, phone (if you have the option)

*It will come with one free matching button!

*And a thank you doodle from me!

And you will be helping me prep for Fanime! :)

Thank you so much!!!!! xoxoxo Please reblog this for me as I really need help with promoting and I’m running out of time to get these made!

Pre-orders for an adorable charm! 



I spent the whole evening working on the fastenings for this costume.  I’m pretty proud of it—I managed to keep all the fastenings the show uses on Brienne’s costume without trouble.  The spaulders move nicely with me and keep me from staying in one position only.  I need to tackle the elbows and bracers tomorrow.

Morning reblob

This is the coolest thing ever!  :0  Look at what she did you guys!

Personal Tumblr

Reminder that I have a person Tumblr where I ponder my existence and post about fitness stuff.  So none of you guys have to read that stuff anymore.

To Do List

Updated - 3.23.14

List of art I want to do in between work and studies:

  • Ambrosia (in progress)
  • Female Knight (in progress)
  • Abstract Face (in progress)
  • Vertebral Drawing (in progress)
  • Haunted Cabin (in progress)
  • Ghost Mirror
  • Demon Girl (in progress)
  • Continue Ghost series (in progress)
  • Ghost by the Road
  • Revise Wendigo
  • Revise Flowing Water
  • Short comic - doppelganger
  • Short comic - abandoned house
  • Flemeth Fanart
  • Something with Melon the porcupine



Home Sweet Home

Finally found time to finish this! I tried many times but Tumblr just wouldn’t let me upload the GIF in one piece… oh well… back to hibernation mode! _(:з ゝ∠)_

Tumblr fixed their GIF converter! This pic can now be uploaded in one piece =DD Sorry for the lack of updates, been a lil’ busy lately… orz

This was for a weekly task on Tumblr.  I liked this version better so I am posting this here.  :)

This was for a weekly task on Tumblr.  I liked this version better so I am posting this here.  :)